Stephan Gyorkos, or mr. s, is a staff writer and blogger for Marissa Collections. With a refined, yet eccentric eye for fashion, mr. s scouts behind the scenes and up close in the world of fashion for Marissa Collections. Here he takes a moment to answer a few questions regarding his personal takes on life, style, and the Marissa Collections woman.

Q: If you were having cocktails in Marrakech with Alber Elbaz what would you order?

A: I would order a favorite champagne cocktail of mine, the French 75. It’s chic, refreshing, and a mix of gin, champagne and lime juice; which sounds like me on a Friday night. I think Alber would second that.

Q: What are your most highly coveted wardrobe pieces?

A: I adore vintage so I would say at the moment my most coveted piece is my 1940’s fur blazer; totally not practical for South Florida, but so worth it. After that, if I could wear my Alexander McQueen scarf everyday I would. I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting additions to my closet. I also have a degree in fashion design so sometimes I just end up making what I want if I can’t find it.

Q: If you could suggest one item a woman should have, what would it be?

A: A sense of humor. Clothing is fun so don’t take it or yourself too seriously. You’ll never look like a fool if you just don’t care in that super stylish way.

Q: Who is the Marissa Collections woman?

A: The Marissa Collections woman is unafraid. She is adaptable to the changing trends, but is a lover of classics. There is no reason she couldn’t wear a pair of Michael Kors structured pants with a Givenchy high necked blouse and top it off with bold Arunashi fashion fine jewlery. She is always ready for the next most exciting thing and is always educating herself, and because she is so smart it is necessary that we edit the designer collections in such a way that she craves it and expects it.

Q: How does the woman differ?

A: They share many similarities, but the woman takes adventurous to the next level. There are absolutely no barriers and she can let her imagination run as wild as her credit card allows. We are always surprised to find out how fashion and tech savvy shoppers are becoming, she is able to browse on her ipad or contact a concierge service and immediately find what she is looking for with This woman is online reading blogs, hopefully ours, and is in tune with the world of today. She has up-to-date information at all times and knows what she wants when she wants it.

Q: What’s up your sleeve?

A: I had an amazing time covering the recent Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 fashion show in New York City, so I would definitely enjoy bringing our audience more from the glamorous fashion world. But it’s also about the work behind it too. We have so many amazing in-store events, like trunk shows and our renowned style sessions, which I will definitely be covering as well. Basically anything and everything to keep our loyal Marissa Collections clients and fans as in-the-know as possible.