Let's Get Modern with Tradition | The Tennis Bracelet

Let's Get Modern with Tradition | The Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet, a fashion piece that seems to have been around forever…

yet it has only been around for the past 25 years!

Chris Evert

The term tennis bracelet came about during a match at the 1987 US Tennis Championships involving Chris Evert. Apparently her in-line diamond bracelet fell off during a match and she insisted the match be temporarily stopped so she could retrieve it.

The idea of the tennis bracelet soared to popularity quite quickly. It is an elegant fashion statement and has become wonderful and treasured gifts for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, or other special occasions.

For nearly my entire life, I have always seen the tennis bracelet as a symbol for how much affection a man had for a woman.

Photo of Rearden bracelet from Atlas Shrugged Part 1

In Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, one of the characters, Hank Rearden, created for his wife a chain linked bracelet from his first batch of Rearden metal – a symbol of pride and love for his work. Unfortunately, his wife wears it only to mock him at a dinner party, where Dagny Taggart was insistent on trading her own diamond bracelet in exchange for the Rearden one. (The one in the movie is not the one described in the book, but I won't get technical.)

Such a staple in many jewelry boxes, the tennis bracelet has seen it’s fair share of modifications, exaggerations, and alterations for fashion. But none have done it quite as simple, and quite as versatile as Mattia Cielo. 

Mattia Cielo is a team, consisting of founder and jeweler-entrepreneur Mattia Cielo and his friend artist-designer Massimiliano Bonoli. With Mattia Cielo’s vision of an avant-garde, highly technological and innovative jewel, Massimiliano Bonoli creatively harnesses this vision and creates pieces that are true “living” entities, pushing the boundaries and limits of jewelry to give the pieces “life” - capable of emotion. Jennifer McCurry, our resident Graduate Jewelry Gemologist, demonstrates for us what makes Mattia Cielo bracelets unique – and how to best style them.

Mattia Cielo works entirely in 18k White or Rose Gold – never yellow. Understanding the muscle memory of metal, Mattia Cielo incorporates titanium rods in their bracelets to keep them flexible yet beautiful in design shape for years to enjoy. To Wear: Begin by wrapping clockwise from mid-forearm towards your wrist

To remove, start by unwrapping counter-clockwise towards elbow.

How it feels: Light, delicate, but completely secure.