This collection was as subtle as Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. For his younger Just Cavalli line, Roberto Cavalli staked his claim on noisy prints — an explosion of florals, tartans and animal spots in psychedelic colors, usually in the same outfit — and you’re-not-going-out-in-that silhouettes.

That the opening exit — a clingy catsuit with a V-neck that plunged past the naval to reveal a jungle-printed bra top — was not the most daring is some accomplishment. Riddled with cutouts, minidresses were often as bare as swimsuits; snug sweaters petered out at the rib cage; leather pants unzipped suggestively like scuba suits.

Like the heaving techno soundtrack, the clothes would not let up and became more showy and/or sexy. Things climaxed with laser-cut iridescent leathers and wispy chiffon gowns slit up to there and lapping on the legs. Kudos to Cavalli for nailing it with his show notes, anointing this outré fashion universe “Cyber Eden.”