Benoit Jamin and Isabelle Puech, designers of the eponymous Jamin Puech handbag label, create truly unique pieces to break up the monotony of traditional handbag styles. Constantly reinventing both their selves and their bags, Jamin Puech seeks to express an identity that stands out and allows for the owner of the bag to become emotionally connected to its style. Whether it’s a clutch, a shopper or a satchel, the Jamin Puech bag is noted for its fun and festive approach to ornamentation and sophistication in finishing that is unmatched. Their handbags are sold the world over, and have graced the runways alongside collections by Chloé and Balmain. We love the Jamin Puech leather “Augusta” handbag for its function and whimsy, and the “Zanzibar” leather patchwork bag for the pop of color it adds to an outfit.