Courtesy Of David Webb

Courtesy of David Webb


Twelve double-sided pendants. A powerful, unconventional Zodiac sign matched with the classic astrological symbol. Rendered in hammered gold - as if carved from an ancient slab - and adorned with diamonds, David Webb’s unique combination of symbolism and exceptional construction is brought to life in this series of talismanic pendant necklaces.

Courtesy Of David Webb

In time for Holiday 2020,  New York-based fine jewelry house David Webb New York launched Zodiac, a new unisex collection of double-sided pendant necklaces featuring archival David Webb designs from the 1960s. 

With Zodiac, David Webb evokes individual empowerment - cleverly hinting at the strength of a lion, the balance of the scale, the duality of twins, or the fluidity of a fish. In a playful game of inner spirit and one's outer style, the archival designs are imbued with a new contemporary relevance that can be worn close to the wearer's chest proudly every day as a singular statement, or layered amongst other meaningful treasures. 

Astrological jewelry is constantly popular– people love the connection between their inner spirit and their outer style. The popularity of zodiac jewelry surged with the social change of the late 1960s. Women cut their hair short and joined the workforce, and men experimented with classically female jewelry forms. This theme of individual empowerment was one of David Webb’s personal inspirations – and while rooted in the 1960s, this theme is just as relevant in 2020. Through David Webb’s unique spin on zodiac jewelry, these become golden emblems to be worn proudly every day.  The collection is bold, strong–and thoroughly David Webb. 

Courtesy Of David Webb

During his lifetime, David Webb produced myriad zodiac designs – with David Webb’s classically unique perspective on the genre. A set of belt buckles serves as the foundation of Zodiac 2020. Bold, rectangular, and rough-hewn, the buckles evoked a carving on an ancient’s lab of gold. Instead of the typical astrological sign, the pendants feature an elliptical reference, for instance, the Leo’s clawed paw instead of its face and mane. The symbol side of the pendants also evoke the House’s classic 1960s round textured gold and diamond zodiac medallions –  a favorite among leading tastemakers including Diana Vreeland, Frank Sinatra and Estee Lauder. 

 The collection includes 12 pendant necklaces that feature David Webb’s stylized astrological sign on one side and the astrological symbol on the other. Each pendant necklace is available with its symbol side in either 18K yellow gold or 18K yellow gold with diamonds on a 19” chain.