Founded in 1935, SABOO Fine Jewels has been intimately tied to the world of high jewelry for three generations.
The family patriarch, Mr. Chand Bihari Saboo began trading and manufacturing rough gemstones. In the late 1900s The House moved into design, sourcing exquisite rare gemstones from mines around the world, and transforming them into high jewels.
Saboo’s one-of-a-kind creations are a connoisseur’s delight and are collected by the most discerning individuals and royal families around the world, particularly Middle East and slowly gaining a following in Middle East.
Today, under the able guidance of its creative director, Mr. Surendra Saboo, The House has continued to expand and flourish.
Together with his expert artisans, Mr. Saboo is constantly challenging the creative and technical boundaries of jewelry design and craftsmanship.
Pranay and Krishna, the young protégées of the SABOO family are set to take The House of SABOO to its new heights.
Today, Saboo Fine Jewels crafts just limited pieces of jewelry each year. Our repertoire includes diamond pieces with nearly invisible ‘floating’ settings, vibrant works made with rare and precious gemstones, inlay work, and colorful titanium creations—all of which require lapidary, metallurgical, artisanal expertise.
All of our pieces take at least four months and up to a year and a half to make, and each design is completely one-of-a-kind.
Saboo designs within 5 main Collections: Aura, Royale, Dewdrop, Elemento, and Fusion by Infusion, each highlighting in different ways the technical mastery and design aesthetic of the House.
One of the House signatures is its impeccable workmanship with titanium.
This is one of the hardest metals in existence, is also effortlessly lightweight, creating new opportunities for boldness and imagination in design.
Saboo has mastered the art of coloring titanium, and our unique, one of a kind pieces can take on a rainbow of colors and sheens, to enhance each precious gem within the design.
The Elemento and Fusion by Infusion collections incorporate titanium in novel ways.
The ‘Elemento’ ring is crafted from sleek titanium that's encrusted with rings of diamonds. At the center is a suspended full-cut diamond to give extra sparkle.
Every jewel in this collection is created by combining the most advanced metallurgical technology with the work of the finest lapidary artisans, bringing together a rare fusion of gold, titanium and gemstones.
The sapphire is inlaid within the rock crystal, set on a fusion of colored titanium and yellow gold.
These delicate peacock feather drop earrings feature at their center a blue sapphire (0.72 carats) surrounded by brilliant diamonds. The sapphire is inlaid within the rock crystal, set on a fusion of colored titanium and yellow gold.
Another House signature is the art of inlay.
Lapidary expertise allows us to set a precious stone within another carved gemstone.
In our designs, precious gems – diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires – are inlaid into opal, jade, tanzanite, and other precious stones.
The art of inlay is central to the Aura collection, in which color combinations of inlaid gemstones are considered to find harmonious balance.
Saboo's 'Aura' earrings feature two tiers of shimmering opals that are inlaid with delicate rose-cut emeralds at the center. Expertly crafted from 18-karat white gold, they're framed with rings of glistening pearls and white rose-cut diamonds.
The ‘Dew Drops’ collection brings together creative inspiration and master craftsmanship.
Rose-cut and briolette diamonds are masterfully set to appear to be floating, adding a glittering detail to every piece.
Exquisite gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and natural pearls are at the center of each unique design.
This double-heart ring feature several precious gemstones in a heart shaped silhouette, including a 3.18-carat rose cut sapphire and a 16.47-carat amethyst. The 18-karat white gold band is encrusted with over 200 diamonds, totaling 1.31-carats, and is finished with a 1.60-carat heart-shaped sapphire.
A reflection of the splendor of the Maharajas, the Royale collection emphasizes the richness of the era with timeless designs and impeccable craftsmanship.
Diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones of impressive size and clarity are at the center of each design.
Every jewel is a modern heirloom; a timeless piece of wearable art to be passed on through generations.
Elegant emerald chandelier earrings feature 22 Zambian emerald drops (25.38 carats), surrounded by pavé diamonds (2.23 carats) and emeralds (1.59 carats) in an alternating pattern.