Moritz Glik changed his course in life midstream. Originally a ‘very successful’ and much ‘sought-after’ shoe designer from Brazil, Glik turned his eye toward fine jewelry, thanks to the fortuitous placement of a jewelry workshop next door to his own design studio. The love affair was instantaneous and Moritz began producing meticulously crafted 'Shaker' Rings

and shimmering shaker earrings

with an attention to detail and whimsy such that only a one time shoe designer could engender. Upon moving to New York City Glik's one-of-a-kind pieces like this fabulous Diamond and Sapphire Box Bracelet have captured the hearts of a star studded following.

‘Many of his pieces are fluid, assuming their shape only when worn’ and his signature collection of “shakers” gives the ‘illusion of diamonds and precious stones floating within their settings' and they've got us floating on air.