The wheels of Fashion Week around the world have been set in motion and without fail New York's have been as chic and fashion forward as ever. Fall 2012 ready-to-wear has come with an abundance of cold weather warm-ups varying from inviting cardigans and sweaters to gynormous furs and coats engulfing the wearer in their luxuriously balmy fabrics.

However, one trend designers seemed to be fascinated with was hunting. It was almost as if hunting game was a ritual played over their holiday vacations to far-off lands of warm weather sanctuaries. Or maybe they were inspired by The Hunger Games as they were sipping hot chocolate next to the fire after hitting the slopes. Either way, the question of “who wants to play the hunter and who wants to play the hunted?” eventually began setting up for a game of cat and mouse in my head. Furs, knits, and wool are obviously no stranger to the fall catwalks, but the way they were designed and styled amongst the rest of the collection made them almost brand new pieces to the fashion-savvy eye. Let us examine this concept more closely.

Are you the more masculine wild game hunter repping your buffalo plaid proudly?


Or maybe you wanted to take a jaunt in the British countryside hunting small game?


Or you like to carry your trophy with you?


Perhaps you like the throw-back to Medieval times and scour the wilderness for mammoth beasts?


The poor hunted...

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