How To Stack Bracelets: A Complete Guide


Bracelets are a perfect accessory because of their variety and versatility. And since they come in different shapes, styles, and colors, there’s a style for every woman. But how do you stack your bracelets? With this complete guide for stacking bracelets, you can find out how to wear them with every outfit.

Think About the Occasion

When deciding what to wear, you should consider the event. While you never want to show up underdressed, the same is true about overdressing. For example, you may want to avoid over layering bangles and other noisy pieces when you're going to work. But if you’re going out on the town, you can layer tennis bracelets with bangles and much more!

Think About Your Outfit

The event itself should not only be considered when picking out the best stack of bracelets for your look.

Looking for some ideas? Try pairing your bracelet with your style. For instance:

  • Casual look: Wear fun pieces like beads or braided bracelets.
  • Business look: In the office, aim for elegant bracelets like silver or gold.
  • Formal look: Dress up a look with pearls or a designer bracelet.

The bracelet you choose depends on the event, what you’re wearing, and the style you’re going for. Are you attending a wedding where you want to look classic and elegant? Then opt for a few gold bracelets—it’s formal, timeless, and creates a look of sophistication! Add new luxury fine bracelets to your jewelry box by shopping at Marissa Collections! With our curated selection, there’s something perfect for everyone!

Pro Tip: What’s Your Sleeve Length?

The length of your sleeves could be the deciding factor in whether you should wear a stack of bracelets. Tops with long sleeves don’t always wear well with bracelets. And when you decide on a bracelet with a long-sleeved top, your jewelry may end up hidden.

When your arms or wrists are exposed, wear your stack of bracelets; you could even wear one statement bracelet if your top is sleeveless or short-sleeved. Our favorite styling tip is to add some personalization to your look by adding a stack of bracelets!

Pro Tip: Styling a Classic Dress

Chances are, you have at least one classic dress in your wardrobe, but you may not love wearing it because it lacks the style you are aiming for. Rather than let it sit in the back of your closet, dress up your attire with a stack of luxury bracelets. A diamond bracelet is eye-catching and helps elevate your look.

Styling Mixed Metals

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold bracelets. You could pair a white gold bracelet with a rose gold ring. Wearing several bracelets made of mixed metals or varying designs can transition your look from day to night.

Look At Different Types of Bracelets

As you narrow down your bracelet selection, another factor that comes into play is the gemstones. Your options for gemstones can range from diamonds to colorful Tourmalines to different chain links and more!

Experimenting with different bracelet styles, like tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, or cuff bracelets, can give your wrist a different look. Just like the gemstones of your bracelet can transform a look, so can the style of a bracelet. Many have charm bracelets as a go-to piece, but others prefer chain link bracelets.

Sometimes, Less Is More

Part of understanding how to wear bracelets is knowing when your look is complete.

Pro Tip: Layering With a Watch

When you’re wearing a watch, you may question whether or not a bracelet would be a good addition. The good news is you can wear both! Whether you’re wearing it above or below the watch or on the opposite hand is up to you.

Bring Out Your Features

Jewelry has a wonderful way of bringing out our best features. While the right necklace flatters your neckline, and rings can make your fingers appear slender, a bracelet can also elongate your arms.

Know How a Bracelet Should Fit

So far, this guide has covered styling tips on wearing a bracelet but knowing how the bracelet should fit your wrist is just as important. Keep in mind that different styles have different fits, so a cuff bracelet’s fit differs from a bangle. In most cases, your bracelet shouldn’t clutch your wrist, nor be so loose that it falls off.

Tip To Finding the Right Size

If you’re shopping for a new bracelet, make sure you know your wrist size. To find your size, wrap a tape measure around your wrist to see the circumference. This way, when you’re shopping for a new piece, you can always compare your wrist size against the size scale of the jewelry designer.

Accessorizing your outfit is a fun way to add something unique to everything you wear, and bracelets accent your personal style. You can wear one with any apparel to dress it up or down. Transform something casual into a fun and playful look! Shop at Marissa Collections for must-have jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Expand your jewelry collection today with designer pieces you won’t want to take off!


How To Stack Bracelets: A Complete Guide