H'atta Girl

H'atta Girl

Fine Millinery... milling about

In a moment of complete honesty I would like to state for the record that I love hats, but look completely silly in most of them. Count me out when it comes to fedoras or porkpies, and I’m a guy so the fascinator would obviously be a failure; though glitter, feathers, and netting can be so tempting.

Adorable, right? I know!

Millinery is such a beautiful art, though, that it cannot be ignored; and nothing finishes an outfit sometimes like the addition of a gorgeous hat. Thus it is with much excitement that I present to you our premier milliner for the Naples Botanical Garden’sHats in the Garden Luncheon,” Satya Twena. Design houses like Lanvin and Chanel were founded on the crafting of hats and later branched out into clothing. The Satya Twena collection is slightly reverse, beginning not in couture but in interior design. Her background is very eclectic, artistic, and the focus of her collections is based around construction, proportion, and experimentation. Satya’s hats are handmade using vintage hat blocks and free-hand forming techniques to create a wearable masterpiece from the finest quality materials. Get in touch with your stylist, give us a call or visit the store for more information about the fabulous millinery of Satya Twena.

Hat's All Folks,

Do I Lie?