Greater Lengths | OF THE MOMENT

Greater Lengths | OF THE MOMENT

"The hems, they are a changin'"...That's what Bob Dylan would've said if he was sitting front row at the fashion shows this Resort season. The mini skirt and maxi skirt has had their days in the sun. Now it's the midi's turn. If you are like most women, legs are a hard point in the body image world. Age, height, and shape plays a big roll in where your skirt sits on your body. After a certain age a mini skirt looks ridiculous even if you are still rocking some great gams. Many find it difficult to wear the new length with ease so I'll help you decode the world of the midi...


The first part to this trend is the culotte. It's like a skirt and capris had a baby...amazing! Culottes made their way onto the scene during the Victorian era. How else would the women ride horses? The trick to wearing culottes is to find a pair that fit slim around your hips and have a hemline that reaches 2" below your knee. If you can't find something off the rack, your best friend will now be your tailor. The best weapon in any woman's midi arsenal is their tailor. These hemlines were made for six-foot tall women. If you don't have the height, take up the hem. 279492-1-1 sea-003-1366 281650veroniabeardcoulotte-1

Midi Skirt:

A midi skirt with a little bit of a flare, or A-Line, balances out broad shoulders or a curvier figure. These flared skirts can hit 2" below your knee or if you're feeling daring, in the middle of your calf. If wearing a longer skirt makes you squeamish, pair them with a heel to give you an elevated look. A chunky heel will balance out the look while a skinny stiletto will make it sassy and night time approvemary-katrantzou-003-1366midi-skirt-colour-1024x712

Midi Dress:

Out of all the midi styles, I think this is the hardest to wear but also, the most rewarding. The ease of a dress is always a favorite of mine because who has time to match a top with a pant with a jacket with some heels in the morning after hitting snooze on your alarm clock five times? Not me! Just like the midi skirt, keep the waist nipped in to balance out the length of the skirt. A sleeveless dress give you the opportunity to play with textures and lengths in a jacket to personalize your own style.













The midi trend is one that every woman should take advantage of. Make friends with your tailor and wear this trend with confidence.