Q: What is the inspiration for this collection?

 A: The rhodium collection was inspired by my love of color and nature! When I discovered the color rhodium it was like a whole new world opened for me. The unbelievable idea that I could create a piece adding color to the metal was just so exciting! I dreamed of this collection as being all about flowers, plants and abstract shapes letting the color metal and the stones tell the story. Stunning clean vibrating pieces.

Q: What materials were used to create the pieces?

 A: Emerald, Green Rhodium and Diamonds. Also we have them in blue- Sapphires, blue rhodium or diamonds sapphire and blue rhodium.

Q: How does colored titanium differ from colored rhodium? Any particular reason you used rhodium for this?

A: I love to work with both. Titanium is lighter, the hardest metal on Earth and the color goes from inside and out which are great positives but unfortunately it takes 3-4 months to create each titanium piece due to the difficulty of the labor involved. 

Color rhodium is in my pieces made of 18k gold with the color coming from a coat of color rhodium on top of the metal, so if you’re ever tired of your color rhodium piece, you can simply remove the rhodium and have it plated on any color gold that you want. Also some clients rather buy gold than any other metal so color rhodium is ideal for them. And lastly, the fact that I can finish a piece in 4 weeks rather than 3 months is another reason I used rhodium for this. 

Q: What pieces are in this collection?

 A: We are starting with earrings and rings and adding bracelets later on.