“I always thought that the accessory is an exclamation point of a woman’s clothing. Now with a collection of jewelry, I can provide a full spectrum of views of Michael Kors to display extraordinary fashion,” says Michael Kors.

We couldn’t agree more and are excited about the recent launch of Michael Kors Jewelry. The inspiration for the collection is a “perfect jewelry box,” and is a fabulous juxtaposition between classic Michael Kors and the simplicity of modern art.

Chain necklaces, statement earrings, sliced cuffs, cocktail rings, and leather buckled bracelets blend effortlessly into your current clothing and accessories wardrobe. “You can wear it with everything from an evening gown to a jean…that is what modern accessories are about,” says Michael. The stacking of bangles, watches and leathers combined with multiple textures including python, tortoise, and chain to create a “bold, glamorous, and sporty” look that compliments your lifestyle! Now we’re talking Marissa Collections styling…with that said let us know of any questions you have about the collection or how accessories can enliven your wardrobe.