Eclectic and modern, Melissa Joy Manning is a jewelry designer to herald. Her ideal pieces challenge the world of traditional jewelry making; using the semi-precious and precious, blending traditional and modern by utilizing unconventional materials, such as found objects. A designer’s designer, Manning’s product lines for both men and woman have been featured countless times on television, in movies, and graced the pages of several major fashion magazines. Her pieces are completely accessible for traditionalists, but modern enough for those seeking out neoteric talismans. She says about her work: "I enjoy pushing people's perceptions of ‘precious'. I like to question the use of precious materials by using them as elements within a design rather than endpoints of a design. My pieces should call into question the use of a material. I want people to stop and wonder how I did what I did and, more importantly, why I did what I did."

We absolutely love Melissa Joy Manning's Three Stone Cuff Bracelet, Peridot Hoop Earrings, Labradorite and Drusy Cuff Bracelet, and her Natural Stone Drop Earrings. Let us know what you think!