An early adopter of using pre-collections to link the main seasons and develop house signatures, Riccardo Tisci had no intention of squandering the momentum he built with his stunning fall lineup. “It was so full of print, which is becoming a sign of Givenchy,” Tisci said. “I wanted to develop that, and deliver a collection that part gypsy and dolly.” The results were both of those things and entirely gorgeous, a smart continuation of the floral prints and layered bodice look the designer established for fall, here done in a more commercially minded way. A rose print appeared on the sleeves of a classic trenchcoat and in a new confetti pattern on a gathered skirt and ruffled jacket, topped with a matching corset-parka hybrid. Tisci countered the edgy printed stuff with a series of beautiful pure white lace looks, the best of which was a corset dress worn over pants. Topping off the ensembles were collars and cuffs done in combinations of crystals and studs using materials such as mother of pearl, obsidian and onyx.

Givenchy Resort 2014