Get to Know J.J., Marissa Collections' Jewelry Expert

Get to Know J.J., Marissa Collections' Jewelry Expert

Before our fabulous jewelry expert and accessories buyer Jennifer McCurry, or as we lovingly call her J.J., left for Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas we sat down with her to have a chat about Marissa Collections’ successful foray into the world of fine jewelry and what makes us so good at what we do.

Q: Describe Marissa Collections' niche.

A: "Marissa Collections isn’t just a boutique, it is a lifestyle. We begin by editing each runway collection into not only the most exciting but also the best pieces for our clientele. Allowing personal style to take a front seat and educating our customers about the most fashion forward pieces in a very accessible way is the key to our successes."

Q: How does fine jewelry fit into the Marissa Collections' Aesthetic?

A: "At Marissa Collections the ideal of integrating lifestyle and wardrobe extends to accessories as well. The perfect outfit, with the perfect handbag and shoes isn’t where we stop because we believe in bringing everyday luxury into each customer’s life. In adding fashion fine jewelry to this equation we provide real pieces that correspond with your closet to blend the two worlds of high fashion and fine jewels into one workable wardrobe."

Q: How do you select fine jewelry designers to carry in store? What are your criteria for selection?

A: "First and foremost, quality is a necessity; not only in the actual jewels produced but the qualities of the designer themselves. We hold designers to the same standards that we do when selecting stones; the four C’s apply: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. When the designer has personality, is easy to work with, and has appeal not only in-store but online as well, it shows in their work. Our instincts are a major factor as well, and choosing stand out pieces is based on experience and our unique ability to edit what we know will be the best fit for the customer."

Q: Why is Marissa Collections so successful in the fashion arena?

A: "We are so successful because of Marissa Hartington’s personal aesthetic and her perfecting personal style for each client. Because of this each stylist has the tools in place to educate their clients and keep them knowledgeable on every emerging trend, most of the time before it even happens. By incorporating key pieces in a customer’s wardrobe with existing items, and educating your clients you create a relationship that lasts and keeps them coming back time and again."

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