Milan is back and Roberto Cavalli seems to be at the forefront of a fabulous Renaissance in Italian fashion. The Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013 runway was a fusion of sexy and sophisticated pieces of art framed in lace and brilliant color and unlike anything we've seen from the designer before. There were subtle touches of the typically sultry Cavalli woman, but without distraction it seemed. There is never anything under done with Roberto, but this time there was nothing overwrought. Generally pants under dresses just don't work, but the slit pants under filmy embroidered dresses was actually intriguing.

The lace pieces in all manner of colors, but most notably green, traced the female form perfectly without seeming like lingerie,

and the slouchy fluidity of matching pants and tops with swathes of Cavalli prints were reminiscent of Celine but with a touch of decadence only an Italian could produce.

Decadently Yours,