Slipping on a piece of David Webb Fine Jewelry is both a fantasy realized as well as a continuation of a treasured chapter of jewelry history. David Webb traveled from his hometown in North Carolina to New York City in 1941 and almost immediately made his talents as a jeweler known. With the help of a wealthy patron, David Webb Inc. was founded and was soon one of the most sought after jewelers in the city, with much of the New York social register as his fiercely loyal clientele. Webb was continually enthralled by nature, evidenced by this extremely ornate Carved Azurite Horse Bracelet.

Unfortunately his life was cut short suddenly in 1975, but his mark on the jewelry landscape continued and his hammered gold pieces, such as these earrings

and enameled pieces of fantastical design like this Carved Coral and Enamel Ring are once again popular.

A rebirth of the David Webb legacy continues as new pieces are unearthed from the archives of his beautiful ‘illustrations, models and molds,' to be shared with the world.