Fictitious Fashion Icons...

Sometimes you’ll find that special character amidst the pages of a book or on the screen, be it movie or television, too utterly stylish to resist. Is it the ridiculous way Edina Monsoon from British Comedy “Absolutely Fabulous” is so dedicated to LaCroix, dahling?

Or why Cher Horowitz from the iconic 90’s movie “Clueless” is so heartbroken to ruin her Alaia despite being held at gunpoint?

Was it those few comical moments that initially grabbed our attention; or was it the clothing itself? Over the top flamboyant like Edina, trend setting like Cher, or witty chic like Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City"

women the world over have been inspired in different ways; the world of pop culture, movies, and literature being at the forefront of this inspiration. So we want to know who your fictitious fashion idols are. Are you totally buggin' for knee socks and mini skirts? Are you in lust with LaCroix? Or are you twirling in your Manolo's and a tu-tu?