Each season designers create a symphony for the senses. Here at Marissa Collections we dance in awe of the beauty they inspire. In planning for our Fall 2010 season we recently photographed for our upcoming advertising campaign. This exciting photo-shoot was done on location at our beautiful store on Third Street South in Naples, Florida. Because of our dedication to making your wardrobe sing, we flew samples in from our favorite fashion capitals; New York, Milan and Paris. Unboxed and delicately chosen, each stylish note is sure to delight. From gorgeous shift dresses and cardigans bedecked with sequins and paillettes by Oscar de la Renta, Biker-chic from Stella McCartney, oversized decadent jewelry and shoes from Lanvin, each was a working member of a fashionable chorus. Also featured are a few pieces from our recent fashion fine jewelry acquisitions, including Yossi Harari, Boaz Kashi and Lucifer Vir Honestus. So this Fall, sit back and enjoy the best we offer from some of the most talented fashion designers we know, and indulge in your very own couture symphony.