You know that sweatshirt you have in the bottom of your drawer that you pull out when you want to relax? Throw it out! There's a new trend this fall and it's sweatshirts not just for the couch and a Netflix marathon. Everyone is guilty of putting on a sweatshirt and running out the door to get on with their busy lives, but what about dressing one up? Ever thought about wearing one with a pair of sassy heels or even a chic skirt? Here are four different ways to take your jumper up a notch! look1Keeping the majority of this look in a neutral color pallet is the key to dressing this sweatshirt up. The graphic Kenzo top, small print on these A.L.C. pants, and textured McQueen bag look great together because they all have the same color scheme. Put too many colors and prints together and it may be an 80's flash-back...and not the fun kind. look 2The MSGM "All Seeing Eye" has got you looking good for your errand running...not to mention these Brunello Cucinelli monili detailed sneaks for keeping comfortable all day long. With a Vegan-Friendly bag from Stella McCartney, you can fit all of your essentials to start your weekend off right. Whoever started the frumpy look on Saturday mornings should really consider this outfit. look3 Going on a movie date requires thinking about a cold movie theater and still looking cute. Pop on this Kenzo sweatshirt to stay warm in the arctic movie theater. The skirt keeps the outfit dressy while the studded flat boots from Givenchy keep the look grounded and relaxed. Obviously the Givenchy purse is for sneaking in candy because, who doesn't do that? look4 A sweatshirt at work? You better believe I'm going there! A layered collar shirt and slim-fitting, leather pencil skirt from MSGM will keep the exposed skin to a minimum but the fun to a maximum. The simple color pallet is the real star of this outfit (see what I did there?) and the bag by Givenchy and Alexander Wang bootie pull this outfit in a professional direction. Sweatshirt, Pullover, Jumper, And Hoodie are just names for the newest trend in looking good for the chillier months. Put together your own outfit with a sweatshirt and show everyone else how to look great and be comfortable this fall.