Today we bring you another chapter of the continuing “body blog”. For this edition we are covering one of the more challenging body types: the spoon. In this instance, no matter the height, the bust is comparatively smaller than the hip area with about a 9” difference between waist and hips and little difference between bust and waist. Many women hear the word “spoon” describing their body type and are challenged by the selection of clothing available. With the help of interesting textures, shapes, and style lines the spoon can be a very beautiful thing. Our fearless volunteer this week is Viviana; a Marissa Collections Assistant and sassy spoon beauty.

For Viviana’s looks we enlisted the help of one of our stylists; Ilse. With all of her expertise she pulled together both a “do” and a “don’t” outfit to showcase the best and worst of dressing the spoon.

Viviana's "Do"

Neutrals are your friend- greys, or browns do wonders in eliminating focus on larger hips and a smaller bust. Also going monochromatic is a fantastic fall trend. Here Viviana wears Givenchy grey flannel shorts that have enough structure to minimize the hip and hit her in just the right spot to lengthen her legs. (Viv is quite short) Her lace top is designed by Nina Ricci and is perfect for maximizing Viviana’s bust. The texture of the lace lends interest to her torso, and the draping across the neckline draws the eye along the bust line seemingly increasing it and balancing out her hips. Keep the shoes minimal, Viviana has on the Dries Van Noten black suede split wedge. We’d also like to highlight a fall trend that Viv is seriously rocking: a large textured cuff bracelet by Yves Saint Laurent.

Viviana's "Don't"

While Viv always looks adorable, we do want to highlight what one should avoid if they are the spoon. By no means should any spoon be wearing things that are too snug and especially in such a bold statement as red. This jersey dress is too long for Viviana and would need to be hemmed; a simple fix. But wearing it as is will just not do. Her hips look wider than they actually are because of the fit and her legs look very short, especially in flats. The only redeeming quality of this dress is that the neckline is great for a smaller bust. The knot detail adds interest and the seaming under the bust line is fantastic for creating the illusion of proportion between bust and hips.