Digital Diva... Fashion Week Online

Fashion Week New York, London, Paris, and Milan all happen in such rapid succession, (not to mention showroom appointments and market), that it can be an enormous task to get to see everything. Yes, we do go to each of the aforementioned cities, but we certainly don’t have time to attend every fashion show; it’s not that we wouldn’t love to but our buying team’s schedules are quite full and we have to be selective. But the saving grace each and every year for us fashion show addicts are the live streaming videos sites like YouTube "Live from the Runway" offer as well as individual designers. The Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 Fashion Show we went to was live streamed right on his site. Fashion on television has dwindled to nil 


Remember Elsa Klensch



or Lauren Ezersky from Behind the Velvet Ropes?

Where are they now and why am I not there?

So if you cannot make it to the Spring 2012 Shows or are reminiscing about House of Style then I definitely suggest getting online. I hooked my computer up to my television so I could watch it on the big screen and I felt like I was right there front row except I was wearing a vintage kimono and had on a Cellcosmet face mask. What do you think about fashion shows? Are they better in person or just as exciting watched from the comforts of home or office?

Behind my Velvet Rope,