Diamond Invasion

Why Can't You Wear Your Diamonds During the Day?

By Jennifer McCurry

Today’s jewelry trends are diamond focused, whether it’s the main attraction or used as accents. Traditional diamond solitaire rings and pendants are new again. Line bracelets are layered, bands are triple stacked, and the diamond revere is the must-have necklace. Hoops, chandeliers, and multiple piercings glitter with diamonds and curate the ear. No longer is the gemstone worn just for special occasions or as a sign of prestige, but as staples in our everyday wardrobe and a reliable go-to. 

What Is A Diamond? 

Billions of years old, diamonds form hundreds of miles below the earth’s surface. The mineral is composed under intense heat and pressure and transported to the surface by volcanic eruption. The diamond has a unique crystal structure made up of carbon atoms, making it one of the hardest known natural substances. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond. Once cut and polished, the inner dispersion of light and reflection gives the gem its unrivaled beauty. 

Symbolic Meaning

Diamonds have a rich and symbolic ancestry. During the 3rd century BC, the Hindus from India believed diamonds brought protection against evil. Ancient Romans and Greeks considered the gemstone to be splinters from falling stars or tears from the Gods. They also thought diamonds were indestructible and useful for both cutting tools and ornamentation. In fact, the word diamond originated from the Greek word “Adamas,” meaning unconquerable or invincible. 

During the Middle Ages, cultures believed the mineral had healing properties and cured mental illness. Kings wore diamonds on the armor during battle for strength and protection. While engagement rings date back to ancient Egyptian society, it wasn’t until the 15th century that diamonds were considered a symbol of unity among the upper-class and royalty.

Eternal Love

During the 20th century, successful advertising campaigns like the De Beers slogan “A diamond is forever” created the philosophy that diamonds are the only and preferred choice for engagement rings. In addition, the timeless and brilliant gemstone became a traditional gift for graduations, anniversaries, and holidays. 

The Rules Have Changed

Diamonds come in various price points depending on the carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Now designers provide consumers with both fine and demi-fine diamond jewelry that is affordable, versatile, and wearable for every situation. Today’s jewelry is worn to reflect one’s personal style and not dictated by evening attire or a special event. 

Gender-neutral designs are trending, and now men have more options other than diamond watches or cufflinks. With its variety of colors and cuts, the unisex gemstone is accenting bracelets, necklaces, and rings that both men and women can wear. 


Get In Line

The Sentimental

Simply Solitaire

Shimmer With Accents

The Curated Ear

There are no rules when it comes to wearing your diamonds. Day or night, the universal gemstone is a reflection of your personality and mood. Jewelry designers provide more cost-effective alternatives so the consumer can indulge in the latest trends and add to their existing collection. Diamonds are an effortless choice, and you deserve to shine.