Couture Jewelry: Vegas' Hottest New Show

Couture Jewelry: Vegas' Hottest New Show

The crown jewel of Las Vegas Market Week, Nielson Jewelry Group's Couture jewelry show has arrived. Starting on Thursday, May 31st and running through June 4th, the Wynn Las Vegas with be the center stage for heavy hitters like Irene Neuwirth, Slane, David Yurman, Yossi Harari, Kara Ross and many more industry players exhibiting new collections.

Higher prices for materials and stones has pushed jewelry designers creatively; forcing them to be more innovative. New alloys have been created and the use of color shines new light on brilliant baubles for the masses. Three trends one will surely see over the course of the next five days will be the use of silver, brightly colored gemstones, and the rather new kid on the block, black diamonds.

With gold having climbed to almost $1,900 an ounce last August, designers have been looking to other precious metals to utilize in their designs. Silver has really increased in popularity, while developing new alloys has become the new craze. Be sure to watch out for silver sensations or inventive metals coming to the forefront of trend lists.

Color will be everywhere this season. Vibrant shades and unique hues will accompany the notably trendy gemstones this season is so fond of. Opals, emeralds, and tsavorite are quickly becoming the “it” stones for vividly, bold designs and consumers can’t get enough. With 75% of her Couture show collection including colorful gems in some way, jewelry designer, Irene Neuwirth is a prime example of designers showcasing the massive popularity of colored stones.

Lastly, black diamonds are no longer the black sheep of the jewelry world. Having been around for the past few years, but not really making much noise, black diamonds have finally begun to find their place amongst the precious metal elite. Creating an interesting aesthetic with a “fashion forward” appeal, black diamonds have become a bridge between traditional fine jewelry and modern, forward-thinking designs. Be prepared for these stones to rule the school.

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