COUTURE 2021 Opening Day Infused with Joy and Enthusiasm

COUTURE 2021 Opening Day Infused with Joy and Enthusiasm

LAS VEGAS, NV — The opening day of COUTURE 2021 kicked off with a sense of excitement and joy at being back together at the Wynn Las Vegas. Held in the new exhibit space within the Wynn, the show began with an inaugural Preview Event on Monday evening, allowing designers and brands to get a jump start on their appointments, and giving attending retailers and media a first look at the most recent collection launches. The official opening day played host to a robust audience of motivated retailers who were noticeably exuberant about seeing collections in person.

“It feels great to be back together again,” said Gannon Brousseau, director of COUTURE and executive vice president of Emerald. “Everyone is so thrilled to be here, and it’s so refreshing to witness business being done. We are in the process of re-defining the future of this industry, and it is so heartening to see this community leading the charge.”

“We loved the Preview Event because the stores we’re meeting with were able to get excited about their appointments and to get a feel for what was coming,” noted Randi Molofsky, Co-Owner of For Future Reference, which is representing 6 brands at the show. “The level of enthusiasm in general is really high; people are happy to be back and to be able to touch and feel the jewelry in person.”

“The Preview Event was a great opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the amazing new event space and to see collections in advance of our appointments; it will help make the rest of the show more efficient,” explained Jay Hartington, owner of Marissa Collections in Naples, FL. “We are discovering new collections and having so many meaningful conversations with our current designers and brands. Also, the environment feels really safe and comfortable, we are just delighted to be here and seeing people face-to-face.”

Expanding upon Hartington’s sentiments was the Jewelry Buyer for Marissa Collections, Jennifer McCurry, “I feel like the designers and brands really brought their A-game. There’s an incredible mix of brands and they have complete, beautiful collections.”

The overall celebratory feel of the event was shared by the exhibiting designers and brands. “We are so happy to be here. The vibe is magical. The new space feels very relaxed and calm, despite how busy we’ve been at our salon,” said Nancy Badia, Owner of Buddha Mama. “Being able to showcase our collections in person is a game changer; there is no substitute for meeting with and connecting with people in person.”

“After the initial trepidation about traveling for the first time in 2 years, I am so glad I made the trip,” said jewelry journalist, Tanya Dukes. “The environment feels safe and upbeat and I am so happy to be able to touch jewelry and see new ideas and not be in front of my laptop! It’s been an invaluable experience.”

Summing up the general mindset of the event was Alka Khatri, Vice President of Alter’s Gem Jewelry in Beaumont, TX, “We love it, we love it, we love it!”

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