I suppose you can consider renowned jewelry designer, Colette Steckel a jewelry designing prodigy. Born to a French-Mexican family, Colette’s talents were discovered at the age of thirteen by a local workshop. It was at this shop that her unique and artistic techniques for altering the essence of the earth’s natural stones were witnessed. Since then she has exported her work to other countries, sold wholesale in Mexico and adorned models with her accessories for the infamous Prêt a Porter fashion show in Paris. 15 years later, Colette is still crafting exquisite pieces from her workshop in Downtown Mexico City. She likes to focus on “enhancing the natural light of stone and bringing to light multiple natural hues that have rarely been exposed before” with her inspiration stemming from her studies of French art and graphic design as well as Mexican pre-Hispanic images and culture. 

Considering each piece an individual work of art, her fabrication process is simple. Colette begins with a sketch which then transfers to the metal and stones being molded and shaped by hand. An array of semiprecious and precious stones, unique gems and vivid shades of 18-24K gold are all blended in various ways to create sophisticated, eclectic jewelry unseen by any other.

 Exhibiting twice a year in her native Mexico, Colette looks to take her future collections to new heights of jewelry design. In 2006, she became the first jewelry designer to display work at Latin America’s most prestigious gallery, Casa Lamm in Mexico City. It is evident that her art demands to be on display, whether that be in a case, on a website or a body.

Artfully yours,