Can You? Katrantzou

Can You? Katrantzou

You won’t see anything like Mary Katrantzou’s pieces anywhere else on the runway. She combines bright colored patterns and prints with stunning silhouettes to create one-of-a-kind pieces. So how did this up-and coming-designer get her start? After moving to the U.S. from Athens and studying textile design, she decided to focus her efforts on clothing design. She eventually transferred from the Rhode Island School of Design to Central Saint Martins, and it was there that she opened the graduating show with her head turning styles. She has since gained recognition in the fashion industry for her unique prints and designs which lead to her first presentation at London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2009. She has presented her line every year since then and continues to earn well deserved praise in the fashion industry.

Katrantzou finds inspiration in everyday items, with many of her designs featuring objects and pictures from real life. Her recently debuted fall 2012 collection featured such objects as a typewriter design on one dress and spoons on another. With her vibrant patterns and dramatic silhouettes, her lines carry that “look at me” attitude and they present a show stopping element that keeps our eyes glued to each piece that comes down the runway. Katrantzou has come a long way in a short amount of time and has even teamed up with London-based store, Topshop, on creating three different collections. We cannot wait to see what else this designer has in store for us and we know we will be seeing much more of this fresh face in fashion in the near future.

Gorgeous pairings from the designer showroom!

Mary Katrantzou top, Mary Katrantzou skirt

Mary Katrantzou top, Mary Katrantzou jacket, Mary Katrantzou skirt

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