Cadar’s ‘Second Skin’ is a Textural Design Feat

Cadar’s ‘Second Skin’ is a Textural Design Feat

By Ashley Davis

New York—Jewelry lovers often remark that their favorite jewels function much like a second skin, but Cadar has taken the concept one step further.

Headed by designer Michal Kadar, Cadar’s “Second Skin” collection, introduced to retailers at the Couture jewelry trade show this year, provides a masterclass in design, achieving textures in 18-karat gold one must feel to believe.


“I was inspired by skin, because it protects your body,”

Kadar explained.

“The idea is that you should feel comfortable and safe in your own skin and show off what you have.”

Within Second Skin there are three sub-collections.

Inspired by birds, the Feather collection is meant for courting attention, “like when birds ruffle their feathers,” Kadar said. Rather than ruffle, the movement of Feather could best be described as a glide between sleek sections of gold. It’s priced at $1,800 to $6,600 retail.

The Python group, priced between $2,900 and $30,000, is inspired by the snake’s shedding skin, and visually transmits a bold and sexy energy. The geometric, structural design creates fantastic statement pieces, like long earrings that subtly climb up the ear.


Feathers, scales and furs are the inspiration behind Cadar’s impressive “Second Skin” collection.

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