Brunello Cucinelli | 2015 Fall Runway & Luxe Essentials:

There is no limit to what can be achieved by the über-skilled craftsmen in Solomeo. The Brunello Cucinelli Fall lineup was grounded in solid turf: Mother Earth was invoked in the collection's title, Wild Luxury, which referred to an organic, textured feel. Mineral shades—stone, geyser, lava, Pietra Serena, Miniera — were combined with trademark winter whites, adding a quality of cool warmth to grainy, sandy surfaces dusted with metal flecks. Cashmere came in as many luxurious versions as you can get. It was woven with golden Lurex or tightly knitted with tiny diamond knots, embroidered and appliqués to rough effect. Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-10 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-12 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-11 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-14 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-15The silhouette was layered, yet streamlined, with a touch of cool styling — separates in relaxed shapes and contrasting materials were easy to mix and match, making for a versatile, flexible look. Slouchy cropped pants with a dropped crotch added a welcome masculine counterpoint to the hyper-feminine, sensuous abundance of plush fabrics, voluptuous knits, and rich furs. In Cucinelli's world, the luxury factor is stronger than the wild one—and it's definitely more tamed than primal. Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-09 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-13 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-07 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-06 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-04 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-05 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-02 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-03 Fall-2015-Brunello-Cucinelli-01Taking a cue from the Cucinelli team, Marissa Collections' hosted an event highlighting our favorite looks from the Fall 2015 collection - creating our own runway with the luxurious ease and comfort that we have all grown to know and love from Brunello Cucinelli. Giving our clients the opportunity to experience the feeling of Wild Luxury in a slightly tamed environment.

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