In its third year as the leading art and antique fair, Masterpiece London has assembled once again at the The Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, England. From June 28th till July 4th, the fair will be hosting the best of the best of the world’s most extraordinary things. In honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year, the fair has specifically curated a diamond exhibition entitled “Brilliant” - a superb collection of the finest diamond jewelry in the world.

Curated by the amazingly talented Carol Woolton (UK Vogue’s jewelry editor, author, and leading international authority on jewelry), the showcase is divided into four artistic disciplines: art, architecture, fashion, and sculpture. Her goal for this categorized structure looks to provoke intrigue and conversation about the world’s most coveted and innovative one-off pieces. A positively “brilliant” idea if we do say so ourselves.

Yes, we know having all the most amazing jewelry in the world in one place would be like a kid in a candy store for all you jewelry fanatics, so we felt it important to let you know that we will also have a piece of this collection right here at Marissa Collections. What can we say; we only want the absolute best of the best for our customers too.

That being said, one of Marissa Collections remarkable jewelry designers, Bochic, has been chosen as one of the 25 best of the best designers in the world to partake in the exhibition. Such an honor encouraged an entirely new collection dubbed “Caged Beauty” – a journey on the Trans-Siberian railway for the Bochic woman. This far-East meets Moscow excursion represents the historic Silk Road which connected trade routes between Asia, Eastern and Western Europe.

What’s so impressive is the in-depth meaning behind the breathtaking collection. Acting as a metaphor for the Bochic woman being seduced by the outside world from her train seat is the cage itself. While discovery and trade activities are represented by hand-crafted miniature carved mammoth ivory figures and illuminated cages covered in oxidized gold and diamonds. What an exquisite story for such exquisite jewelry.
Watch out for Bochic's carved mammoth and diamond birdcage necklace on as it will be coming soon!

Brilliantly yours,