Beautiful Brushes = A Beautiful You

The “Russian Riviera” as Sochi, Russia is known to its residents is where makeup artist, Evgeny Loukianenkov was born. After attending a fine arts college in Moscow, Evgeny began working internationally as a professional makeup artist. Throughout his fourteen year career, Evgeny has collaborated with top luxury brands such as Helena Rubinstein and Armani, designers Thierry Mugler, Pierre Cardin, and Balenciaga and his work has graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire. Recently he has put his knowledge of the makeup profession to good use and has launched his own brand of makeup products, Evgeny Cosmetics. His products are a gorgeous mix of impeccable craftsmanship and luxurious design.
Constructed from only the finest materials in the world, Evgeny’s brushes are blueprints of meticulously crafted tools with only the best results in mind. Every part of each brush is individually designed and assembled from materials carefully selected from around the world. Kashmir Goat from Himalaya, Blue Squirrel from Yukon, and Sable from the North of Russia are all the natural materials blended to create these magnificent instruments. From the weight of the brush for stable application to its balance and shape so it fits comfortably in your hand, nothing has been overlooked. The precise thoroughness is what makes these brushes simply the best.

Not only are the brushes impressive, but Evgeny has designed a carrying case appropriately distinctive to his unique tools. Again, made by hand and with the highest-quality leather and skins, the Kissette, as they are named, is a sleek and stylish way to keep your makeup utensils by your side. Able to stand on any surface and with an easy to clean silver or gold leather lining, no two are exactly alike. With several colors to choose from and in different materials, it is easy to pick one to compliment your personal style.