Long have designers been influenced by art and have even been considered artists. The great couturier Paul Poiret once begged the question, “Am I a fool when I dream of putting art in my dresses, a fool when I say dressmaking is an art?” The architects and artists of the fashion design world have received as much patronage and respect as those putting paint to canvas and hand to clay. Their stories have as much struggle and success as their brother’s in art. On our trip to Paris we enjoyed a tour of the gardens of Monet, a man much lauded by the fashion world; as his influence on fabric design has been seen repeated on many runways throughout the years.

During the Oscar de la Renta trunk show we listened to a wonderful story detailing a print that runs throughout the collection. The textile pays homage to Matisse, rendered by Oscar de la Renta’s grandson Henry. Much inspired by art, Oscar is obviously passing this adoration onto his progeny. All the more charming is the fact that Oscar told Henry that if the print made it to the runway he would give him $50; a small price to pay for such a heartwarming story of family, art, and creation. Henry was seated beside his grandmother at the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2011 Runway Show to watch his masterpiece come down the runway.

In complete foil to Matisse and Monet we also enjoyed the work of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami while in Paris. His prolific sculptures, prints, and characters have been just as much a part of fashion as they are pop culture. Not only has he done fabulous work for the French fashion house of Louis Vuitton, but also his own licensed merchandise sold the world around. The sculpture seen here was on display at the Palace Versaille.