Brunello Cucinelli Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2014

For an up-to-date fine way of dressing, look to Brunello Cucinelli Menswear line.

The suits are formal yet modern, tailored yet young, made using exquisite fabrics with a slim fit that adheres to the body with a prominent shoulder and narrow waist to highlight the masculine shape. Matching trousers are also modern and basic with a subtle pleat. They are slightly more low cut at the waist with a slim leg and a 3.5 cm turn-up.


Jackets come in a wide range of plain or structured fabrics including flannels, grisaille fabrics and cloths, and a wide range of prints including chalk-stripe, check, over check, Prince of Wales and madras: all extremely light, very well-blended and in medium-dark colors.

The coat is one of the most important garments in the Cucinelli man's wardrobe for A/W 2014. There are many styles available and each has been named: Nautilus resembles Captain Nemo's coat, Army resembles the uniform of a Prussian officer and Burlington has been inspired by an English gentleman. Coats return to a longer length, finishing at or under the knee. They feature a wide choice of fastenings, collars and fabrics, including the finest cashmere beavers, alpaca furs and wool cloths, which are often napped. The color palette is dark with anthracite, arabica and various shades of blue as well as more colorful, yet still dark shades such as violet and Bordeaux red. The redingote returns, reversible and nonreversible, in different weights and materials to tackle both the first half second half of the season. In this category we also have various cabans designed following the same concept as our coats.

Two new jackets, one single breasted and the other one-and-a-half. Both were designed to replace outerwear early in the season before being worn under a coat or down jacket later in the season. In cashmere and wool, sometimes napped, they represent a tailored but easy look that can be worn casually over a sweater.

This season's down jacket offering is innovative, featuring less nylon and more cashmere-wool flannel or silk wool. Styles take their inspiration from coats and cabans or from more technical styles. These have been named according to different cities across the world, based on their features and temperatures. There is also a wide range of down vests, including patterned vests.

The waistcoat is another basic element for constructing outfits in this new collection. There are many styles available, from basic styles to those with lapels, with or without peaks. Waistcoats are made with the same materials as our jackets, with the addition of a garment-dyed cotton.

Our leather models include different styles of ultra-light shearling coats, cabans and biker jackets or Nappa leather and calfskin aviator jackets. They are all pleasant to the touch and almost always water-repellent.

The third and perhaps most important distinctive element for really understanding the mood of this collection. The trouser returns to a simpler style with clean lines, fitted at the leg but more generous and softer at the top. There is also a wide choice of pleats, from subtle pleats to more prominent double pleats. Always turned-up and slightly shorter, when worn with a waistcoat and slim-fit jacket these further highlight the new silhouette. Available in different colours of garment-dyed cotton and wool. The choice of wool styles is vast, including plain flannel or patterned and grisaille in various weights.

Denim is very important this season. This is luxury denim made from Japanese fabrics available in various styles: from the traditional five-pocket style to the new volume over style with pleat.


Featuring fewer patterns and more solid colours, variation in the collection comes mainly in the structure: twill, oxford, poplin, etc. The white shirt plays an important role, making any outfit more formal and less sporty, even when worn without a suit.

Shoes feature a prominent, modern shape but with classic lines. The collection can be divided in two parts: the more formal, featuring semi-glossy but natural leathers and styles more suited to suits, and the sporty – typical of Cucinelli collections – featuring rougher, more matt leathers and less formal, more casual styles. All are extremely light.

The accessories offering is as ample as always with ties, pocket squares, belts, bags, scarves, skull caps, bags and smaller leather items that complete the collection.

The collection is characterised by dark shades. There are three main neutrals – Lignite, Cigar, and Ink – which offer an infinite possibility of combinations. Colors are medium-dark, sombre and mélange, never vivid. Shades included reds with Chrome and Mercury, oranges with Minium, purples with Manganese and Violet and greens with Malachite. There is also a wide variety of blue, grey and brown shades for your color enjoyment.

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