It was a surprise, a near shock, to walk into Alexander Wang’s showroom and see real color — pink and green — not just “ink” and “mink” and other wink-wink adjectives for black and gray that he’s stuck to in the past. Wang delighted in crafting his terrific resort collection as the antidote to the serious volume and neutral-centric fall collection, “deflating the shapes and working with supersaccharine, supersweet colors,” he said. All things relative, the sweet factor was delivered with Wang’s streetwise edge via a more playful side to his aesthetic — he has another outlet for fashion grandeur now. The clothes were mostly short and sporty. Sophisticated techniques, such as vacuum-pressed pleating on a white leather peplum top and matching skirt, contoured some of the silhouettes to the body, while another circle-cutting pattern gave a boxy, dolman-sleeve effect to a leather dress and a sparkly spearmint green sweatshirt. Fabrics were a mix of elevated technical, in a viscose linen on a tennis dress and matching vest, and classic luxury: ample leathers in black, caramel brown and pop pink. Wang mentioned the artificial appeal of candy coatings and colors, that was best exemplified by a silicone version of his Prisma bag, a jelly alternative to his streamlined shopper.

alexander-wang-resort-2014 alexander-wang-resort-2014