A True Gem: Arun Bohra

A True Gem: Arun Bohra

Arun Bohra wowed crowds at Marissa Collections on the first day of Arunashi’s three-day trunk show that will end Saturday, February 25th.

The displays from his Smoky Black Collection are intricately designed one-of-a-kind pieces, mixing rare gems and diamonds of the highest caliber with over 150 years of family craftsmanship.

Arun is not short of inspiration for his designs. He draws many inspirations from his wife, Ashita. The name Arunashi is a combination of his and his wife’s first names to “symbolize the realization of the romance and creativity that inspires their work together.” Both come from a long history of jewelry craftsmanship. Arun is an eighth generation jeweler; his family has been creating beautiful pieces for India’s royal families and elite classes since 1841.

Arunashi jewelry is timeless, elegant, and provocative - a statement all its own. Pieces from his collection are more than just jewelry – they are works of walking art. They embody everything a woman wants to feel: sexy, unique, beautiful, sophisticated, and alluring.

Carefully designed and crafted with extreme attention to detail, each piece – from earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and cuffs – is as unique, one-of-a-kind, and special as the lucky woman who gets to wear it.

Come in before Saturday, February 25th to meet Arun Bohra! See his beautiful pieces and speak to the designer himself. Don’t forget to bookmark our events page so you don’t miss out on all the fun!