Fine jewelry lovers are having a field day with Marissa Collections’ new jewelry gallery. Taking over a large section of the store, with a VIP dressing room to boot, it features 20 designers ranging from tried-and-true names like Irene Neuwirth, Tamara Comolli and Arunashi, to newcomers such as Monique Pean, Todd Reed and Wendy Yue. Each comes through annually for a trunk show or two, so please stop in to meet your personal favorite in the flesh.

Their styles never overlap for a true overview of the global jewelry scene. Materials are always precious whether natural fossilized walrus tusks or rare, colored gem stones sourced from remote corners of South America, Africa and Asia. Stylists demonstrate how to wardrobe pieces for multiple outfits and occasions; rather than destined for the safety deposit box, these feel-good purchases are meant to shine.

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