A Message from Marissa

A Message from Marissa

Hello my stylish friends!

As the season winds down I begin the shift into one of my favorite times of the year… summer. You all know I am a bohemian at heart and I love cottons and cool, airy linens. Translating some my favorites into today’s wearable summer items include fun, easy cotton shirts and blouses, lightweight denim, a pair of ballet flats and layers of colorful jewelry… lost of jewelry! My new favorite just arrived! M.C.L. Designs. Since it’s debut the fashion world has fallen head over heels for Matthew’s enamel and sapphire encrusted designs.

New arrivals to transition from Summer into Fall include:

The Lanvin leopard print, taffeta trench is one of my favorites. Looking chic and warding off the summer rain over jeans or dresses. Bloch ballet flats in kid leather with subtle shimmer in gold, storm or silver.

Wear Now!

Definitely wear now colors, fabrics and shapes crafted beautifully into tailored luxe sportswear and dresses include Michael Kors bubblegum pink, a luscious shade of French vanilla called bare, and his black and bare lace patterns. A simple dress with a flirty bag says summer.

Fashion Fine Jewelry Redefined

Last week I returned from the Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas. As many of you know I have focused much more on what I like to call “Fashion Fine Jewelry.” What makes this jewelry so amazing is the ability to wear it all the time. More now than ever it is important to add these pieces to update your clothes so they continue to work from one season to the next. A few pieces that keep me up at night are...

Irene Neuwirth’s rainbow moonstone necklace is something that I personally like to layer with all the jewelry I have bought over the years or wear it by itself. Irene calls it the modern day strand of pears and I can’t agree more.

This bangle from Lucifer Vir Honestus is truly a gift from the gods… the jewelry gods that is! Luna and Paolo’s feminine and organic one-of-a-kind rose gold jewelry speaks to my heart.

Yossi Harari large diamond hoops… these are the essential all day earrings that transition perfectly into evening.

Every year we add to our list of designers. Currently we’ve got our eye on a few amazing up-and-comers, and one that I love is Faraone Mennella. Their collection is modern but not minimal, which speaks to me of timelessness and originality. Don’t miss this design duo when they visit us in November!

Don’t forget…

The most important style of each season is individual style!