Welcome all of you to the first of a series on what men need to know about buying jewelry and/or are afraid to ask. First of all, women love jewelry. Not that I need to say it…various types, sizes, colors and price points. Special jewelry is really what women want for any occasion, not a gigantic gift basket full of foul-smelling bath products quickly hidden underneath the sink till guests arrive. However, some men struggle with this. It’s okay guys, they understand, and luckily this is where we are able to assist. Two main characteristics play into a jewelry purchase: first, the monetary value behind it – the investment; secondly, the design aesthetics. So let’s be a linebacker and tackle the first one: your money. We’ll get to the second at a later date.
Here is the main thing you need to know financially about fine jewelry: don’t prioritize the reason to purchase for potential investment appreciation unless you are buying separate big stones to hold and sell later. Buy because you or the recipient loves the piece. Last time I checked you weren’t a trained gemologist so let’s leave the jewelry trading to the pros…I mean just because I read a book on counting cards on the way to Vegas doesn’t mean I should bet the house, right? You will be much better off buying treasury bonds than waiting for your purchase price to appreciate significantly, even at these Fed rates. Once you take out the store’s margins, the designer’s margins, and finally get to the stones and metal value, you’ll need these commodity prices to gain considerably.
Irene Neuwirth Large Labradorite and Pave Ring

Since we’re not focused just on stones and metals, and you plan to actually have someone wear this piece, we should understand designer one-of-a-kind pieces. This is where you’ll scratch your head, because these are very difficult to compare against especially once you’ve subtracted the material values. What makes them one-of-a-kind? The designer will only create a design based on a specific stone that cannot be replaced and/or prefer to make each piece special in their collections generating additional value. In this case, everyone wins…. the recipient, the designer, the store, and YOU; the wearer will never have to worry about walking down the street and seeing the same necklace you paid thousands of dollars for. No matter how great of a discount or deal you received the true and BEST value is the piece being worn weekly if not daily - not thrown in her jewelry box for “safe keeping.” It’s pretty simple when you think about it!

Check back for part duex of our buying jewelry series when we discuss how design aesthetics should and will influence your purchase.