A Journey Through Space and Time... Brunello Cucinelli

In the medieval village of Solomeo, where the serenity of the Umbrian countryside and the wind still expresses the spirituality of Benedetto da Norcia’s ora et labora and the mysticism of Saint Francis of Assisi, Brunello Cucinelli launched a new entrepreneurial dimension in 1985. “To make work more humane, and to put humans at its center” is the dream of the Umbrian businessman who is famous worldwide for his color cashmere collections. Scholars and journalists have perceived the profound affinity that links Brunello with the ancient masters of the soul such as Socrates, Seneca and Saint Francis d’Assisi: for this reason they refer to the Cucinelli corporate philosophy as “Ethical Capitalism” and a “Humanistic Company”. “I have always dreamt of working towards an important objective. I felt that profit alone was not enough, and a higher, collective aim was necessary. I realized that economic wealth must be accompanied by human values, and that the first means nothing if the second are missing”. This courageous outlook comes to life in what Brunello Cucinelli calls “the Supreme Good”, with people as its center: “to give a company a sense that goes beyond mere profit, and to reinvest to improve the worker’s life, and to enhance and save the beautiful things in the world”.