5 Tips To Rocking a Statement Necklace With Any Outfit

A statement necklace could be just the thing to take your outfit from simple to incredible! Typically, this is the focal point of your look. Not only that, but statement necklaces are also versatile and can reflect your personality or fashion taste. Here are five tips to rocking a statement necklace with any outfit!

Tip One: Think About Other Jewelry

If you’re wearing other jewelry, choose each item carefully. Remember, a statement piece is your focal point, so you don’t want other jewelry competing for attention. On the other hand, if you’re too sparse, your outfit will have blank spaces.

And you should also think about the type of jewelry you’re wearing. When you’re wearing a statement necklace, you may not want to mix metals since doing so could also draw attention away from the showstopper.

Tip Two: Where Are You Going?

Take time to think about where you’re going and why you’re wearing the statement piece. The beautiful necklace you wear for a date night may differ from the one you choose when going into the office. To make narrowing down your selection easier, think about:

  • Whether your outfit is casual or formal.
  • The neckline of your top.
  • How you’re wearing your hair.

Each of these factors will help you decide on the best option. For example, you may want something a little flashier when you’re wearing a V-neck and pulling your hair back since that area will draw more attention. Similarly, on a night when you want to look classy, a necklace with pearls may be ideal.

Tip Three: Settle on Size and Shape

Statement necklaces come in various shapes and sizes, so you may want to experiment with different types until you find what you like best. When you’re looking for a wow factor, select a piece that’s big enough to stand out. Ideally, a statement necklace takes up most of your chest.

As far as shape goes, look for what complements your outfit pattern. So if you’re wearing polka dots, go for a necklace with a more circular or rounded design. The same rule goes if you’re stacking two or more necklaces for a similar effect.

Tip Four: What Color Is Your Outfit?

Color is as important as shape. You don’t want your look to seem too dull, nor do you want it to seem unprofessional. Just as you would if you were planning other accessories, take time to see how the color of your necklace pairs with your outfit.

Tip Five: Wear What You Love

The most important tip to rocking a statement necklace with any outfit is to wear what you love. Not only does this secure the perfect outfit, but it also creates one you feel comfortable in. And when you’re confident, there’s an extra pep in your step!

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