5 Tips on How To Wear Jewelry To Complement Your Outfit

5 Tips on How To Wear Jewelry To Complement Your Outfit

Of the many ways you can accessorize your outfit, jewelry is one of the best since you can add sparkle and color to complete any look. Coordinating your jewelry with your clothing helps you accent what you’re wearing. With these simple tips on how to wear jewelry to complement your outfit, you can pair the perfect pieces with every look you create!

Layer Your Jewelry

Try layering your necklaces, bracelets, and rings to create different looks. Pair some simple or plain rings with ones that have some sparkle and shine. And as far as your necklaces go, aim to create layers by experimenting with different lengths. If one chain has a long charm, then consider making it the lowest layer to draw attention to the piece.

Decide on a Focus Point

This tip on how to wear jewelry to complement your outfit helps you determine whether you need to wear bold or simple jewelry. When your clothing is simple or monochromatic, add some flair with unique or statement jewelry.

Think About the Occasion

Before you start picking out different pieces, think about the occasion you’re attending. You may want to wear different jewelry to various events, or to create a variety of outfits. You can buy fashion jewelry online at Marissa Collections and browse many pieces for all occasions.

Complement Your Skin Tone

Do you have a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone? Knowing the answer to this helps you pair the best pieces and metals for your skin tone. Remember:

  • - Warm skin tones look best with yellow metals.
  • - Cool skin tones are ideal for silver metals.
  • - Neutral skin tones pair well with both silver and yellow metals.

Regardless of your skin tone, following this tip isn’t necessary. And as far as gem colors go, red, purple, and blue pair best with cool skin tones, while shades of yellow, orange, and green are best with warmer tones.

Mix Your Metals

Some say mixing metals is a fashion faux pas, but contrasting metals often look great together. So, when you’re wearing a silver necklace, feel free to wear your favorite rose gold ring. Some fashion experts even stack their mixed metal bangles.

The right jewelry accents any outfit, and with these tips, you can enhance your wardrobe. Marissa Collections sells jewelry for all fashion styles, so shop for the style you love. Then, use your jewelry to personalize and complement the outfits you wear for all occasions!