5 Stylish Tips To Look Chic at the Beach This Summer

5 Stylish Tips To Look Chic at the Beach This Summer

5 Stylish Tips To Look Chic at the Beach This Summer

Trips to the beach are one of the best parts of summer. The sound of the crashing waves relaxes the mind as you soak up some sun. Whether you’re going to the beach to sunbathe or planning a stroll along the boardwalk, you can use these stylish tips to look chic at the beach this summer!

Your Favorite Dress

For a day at the beach, nothing is cuter than a dress that dances in the breeze. And lightweight dresses aren’t just stylish for all occasions; they also keep you cool because they offer better airflow. For a fashion pro tip, go for a brightly colored sundress or a maxi dress with a fun print.

Get Some Sandals

Search out the perfect pair of sandals for your trip to the beach. Nothing says chic like a cute pair of shoes! Flat thongs are a must-have because they’re stylish and won’t trap in the heat.

The Perfect Bikini

Make a fashion statement with a mismatched bikini or something with a bold print! Your favorite bikini top may have bright colors and a pattern— show it off with black bottoms. Why black, specifically? Because it goes with everything. So if you have various bikini tops, you can create outfits for each by pairing them with the corresponding bottoms or classic black.

A Cute Pair of Shorts

A chic summer look would be incomplete without a pair of denim shorts. You can pair this staple with a T-shirt, blouse, or your bikini top. And if you’re looking to really make a statement, add a pair of colorful shorts to your summer wardrobe! They’re the perfect piece when you’re looking for a splash of color.

Always Accessorize

Don’t overlook the power of accessories when you plan your beach outfits. Add some classic beach accessories to your closet, such as:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hats
  • Headbands
  • Cover-ups

The more accessories in your wardrobe, the wider your outfit selection becomes. Another classic fashion extra is, of course, jewelry, and you can wear it to the beach. For a chic look, consider earrings, thin banded bracelets, or layered necklaces. You can shop for fine jewelry online at Marissa Collections. Buy the pieces that take your beach attire from good to eye-catching.

With some stylish tips to look chic at the beach this summer, you can spend your next trip to the coast knowing you’ve got the perfect outfits. At Marissa Collections, you can find must-have pieces and luxury jewelry! Accessories make an outfit complete, so stay stylish at the beach.