13: Fall's Lucky Number

13: Fall's Lucky Number

Were you aware that Friday the 13th is the most widespread superstition in the United States? Most cities don’t have 13th Street or 13th Avenue, buildings don’t usually have a 13th floor, and even some countries have taken the number 13 out of their vocabulary. No one really knows for sure when and why the number 13 has been linked to misfortune, but in some cultures the number 13 is considered lucky. So let us focus on that.

You're so lucky to have Marissa Collections as a resource for all your fashion needs and we are so lucky to have you as devoted fashionistas. With Fall briskly sweeping in, we figured it would be a nice time to help you with your Fall wardrobe. So in honor of Friday the 13th, here are 13 things you need for Fall styling.

1. Roland Mouret’s Long Sleeve Tie Pumlechook Top

2. Givenchy Back Ankle-Zip Leggings

3. Smashbox Treatment Lipstick

4. Brunello Cucinelli Pony Hair Driving Gloves

5. Lanvin Tweed Knit Cap with Bow

6. Givenchy Shark Lock Fold-Over Boot

7. Valentino Jaguar Print Shawl with Lace

8. Veronica Beard Fur Collar Leather Jacket

9. Givenchy Embellished Croc Antigona Bag

10. Alexander McQueen ¾ Bi-Color Sweater Dress

11. J Brand Mid-Rise Skinny Leg Jean

12. Rumbatime Hudson Fresh Squeeze

13. Oscar de la Renta Embroidered Sequins Cardigan with Pockets


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